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Computerized Maintenance Management System What is CMMS or Enterprise Asset Management System? A database containing records of



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Computerized Maintenance Management System

What is CMMS or Enterprise Asset Management System?

A database containing records of

organization’s maintenance operations forms a part of software package called Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) or Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) or Computerized Maintenance Management Information System (CMMIS).

Control when your system requires maintenance on the basis of knowledge and solid information rather than intuition.

What does it do?


Main tasks of CMMS

What do I get after using this software package?

  1. Optimize how maintenance resources are used in your organization by scheduling and tracking their usage
  2. Less breakdowns and emergency repairs
  3. Emergency expenditures are reduced since the software allows you to crack down the number of emergencies that you may encounter
  4. Lower inventory cost
  5. Chances are that you don’t need an external contractor to offer you services when your system breaks down since you will be prepared for downtime in advance thanks to CMMS reports
  6. 10-20% labor cost reduction and 10-15% part cost reduction with improved operational efficiency and higher uptime on an annual basis.
  7. Improve quality and reduce energy consumption along with better equipment lifetime for your system.

How do I implement this?

A real time CMMS would be perfect since it can present vital data on an on-demand basis. If the system is not real time, then ensure that the responsibilities for input and output of information managed by CMMS is divided among all staff members with each individual contributing data pertaining to their department or equipment.

The main priority is minimal input time and fast information retrieval. Ensure that there is clear communication between personnel who operate the concerned equipment and the person who inputs data to the system to avoid garbage information from being input.

What planning does CMMS facilitate?

  1. Job Status: For every task, a work order is created and you can categorize them whether they have been executed, they are still under execution or they are scheduled for a future date.
  2. Team: Keep a track of what human resources are allocated to each task and how long the team has been working on a given task along with other relevant details like the person-in-charge of that team.
  3. Asset: What tools are being used by the maintenance personnel; what is their usage and what assets have completed their maintenance cycle; what assets need to be scheduled for the upcoming maintenance session.
  4. Request Tracking: It deals with the current status of requests made by customers.
  5. Planning: It deals with the various planning activities along with their schedule, responsible personnel, and resources required if any. CMMS enables planners to collaborate remotely or directly to list their objectives.
  6. Task priority: Different equipment may have different priorities assigned for maintenance. It is dependent on how vital the equipment is to business and what downtime is tolerable for the given equipment. CMMS allows you to manage and allocate task priorities.

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