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Computerized Maintenance Management System What is CMMS or Enterprise Asset Management System? A database containing records of



Computer Aided Facilities Management What is facility management? In simple terms, Facilities Management means coordination of assets,



BUILDER software, developed by the US Army to help civil engineers, technicians, and managers decide when, where, and how to best maintain



FM Projects is ready to support your drawing updates and changes. We also offer services such as: Layer Standardization, FM Drawings,Polyline and



As-Built – Accurate CAD data is an essential requirement for the production of Construction Documents, Space Accounting Reports and



SMS Sustainability Management Solutions A simpler term to describe Sustainability Management Solutions would be Infrastructure Management.


Glossary of Terms

СНПЧ А7 Курск, обзоры принтеров и МФУ

As-Built – Accurate CAD data is an essential requirement for the production of Construction Documents, Space Accounting Reports and ongoing Computer Aided Facility Management or Computer Maintenance Management Systems of a property portfolio.  Companies invests significantly in the research and development of new hardware, surveying tools and techniques to ensure accurate CAD data is supplied to our clients.

 Building Area Calculations – Two of our specialists are influential members of the BOMA taskforce creating the standards that many building owner/managers and facility managers across the US implement.  Our team presently works within the BOMA 96 standard or will adapt to the standard of your choice to create accurate square footage calculations.

 CAFM/CMMS Solutions – Companies invests in personnel and systems to give you full access to your building data using the latest in integrated solutions for real estate, facilities and infrastructure management.  The choice is yours, either you manage the property data or allow our CAFM/CMMS specialists to do so, empowering your managers to do their jobs.

 GROSS SQUARE FOOTAGE – the total area of a floor or an enclosed building from wall to wall. 

 COMMON AREA – shared space on a floor such as restrooms, janitorial closets, electrical rooms, telephone rooms, mechanical rooms, elevator lobbies, and public corridors which are available for the use of tenants on that floor.

 RENTABLE SQUARE FOOTAGE – the gross area of a floor less major vertical penetrations such as: elevator shafts, stairwells, vertical ducts, and pipe shafts on the same floor.  (This includes common areas).

 USABLE SQUARE FOOTAGE – space that is considered the tenants occupiable space within the building walls and shall be computed by measuring the rentable square footages less common area.  (Space exclusively for tenants use). 

 LOAD FACTOR – Rentable square footage divided by Usable square footage. This includes items such as: landlord operating expenses, landlord taxes, furniture depreciation, parking, security services, engineering services, plant care services, recycling services, janitorial services, window washing, carpet cleaning, and common area. 

 TOTAL NUMBER OF WORKSTATIONS AND OFFICES are derived from space plans and field observations of workstations and offices that could be occupied by an occupant. These workstations are currently utilized by occupants, vacancies, and offices.  Some workstations could be utilized as storage, file libraries, and equipment.

 VACANT WORKSTATIONS AND OFFICES are derived from space plans and field observations as unoccupied workstations not being utilized for occupants, meeting areas, storage and file libraries, and equipment.

 % OF VACANT WORKSTATIONS AND OFFICES are derived from the percentage of the unoccupied workstations and offices to the total number of workstations.

 ANNUAL RENT is derived from rent space chargebacks for division space allocations in the building, or building leases.

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